Who is your safe place?

I guess first of all, if we are going to find a safe place in someone other than ourselves, we will have to come to a place where we understand that we do not have it all together all of the time.

In fact, this is a good time to look for someone who is in some sort of authority, who has power in that position of authority.

This person is the first person you run to when you are filled with fear, when you have nothing left inside you except to cry.

You should know that once you appoint someone as your “safe place” and then you end up going to someone else, especially if that other person lets you down – that person will feel the pain of your rejection.

Since that is prone to happen more often than not, let me encourage you not to consider a person as your safe place.  They will move back and forward, they will think about themselves more than about you and you might end up rescuing them more than they have time to protect you.

May I instead suggest that you place God as the one who becomes your safe place.

In fact, there are some neat perks that come with you doing that.

Your confidence increase because you know that wherever you go, you will be safe always and basically whatever you touch becomes, technically, yours.  People will notice, not knowing why, that there is something “special” about you – you will end up getting more favour, more open doors, more opportunities and more individuals willing to do things for you.

As you trust God more, He fills you more with Himself.  You actually will walk with God in your life wherever you go – walking with God has to be a pretty safe place to be in.


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