Submit to God and be at peace with Him

Possible to see ourselves as unacquainted with God and not at peace – a definition of a sinner?

Is this fact the source of all our calamities?

(1) what does it mean to become acquainted with God?

(2) what would be the results of such a reconciliation?

I am acquainted with my family because of the idea that we live together in the same house – we are familiar with one another – are friends.   In the same manner we need to secure the friendship of God. Become truly acquainted with Him. Be reconciled to Him. You are now estranged. You have no just views of Him. You murmur and complain, and you are suffering under His displeasure because you are separated. But it is not too late to repent, and to return to Him; and in so doing you will find peace.

An acquaintance with God implies:

(1) a correct knowledge of His true character, and

(2) reconciliation with Him.

There are two great difficulties among people in regard to God. The first is, that they have no just views of His real character. They think of Him as harsh, stern, tyrannical. They regard His law as severe, and its penalty as unjust. They think His government to be arbitrary, and Himself to be unworthy of confidence. This erroneous view must be corrected before people can be reconciled to Him – for how can they be brought to lay aside their opposition to Him while they regard Him as unjust and severe?

Secondly, even when the character of God is explained, and His true character is set before people, they are opposed to it. They are opposed to Him because He is so holy. Loving sin, they cannot love one who has no sin, and who frowns on evil; and this opposition to the real character of God must be removed before they can be reconciled to Him. This requires a change of heart – a change from sin to holiness; and this is the work performed by the Spirit of God who resides in all who make this first step in their faith journey.

And be at peace – There can be no peace while you maintain a warfare with God. It is a war against your Maker, where He has control over your conscience, your intellect, your body, and all which can affect your welfare; and while this is maintained, there can be no peace. If the mind is reconciled to Him, there will be peace. Peace of mind always follows reconciliation where there has been a variance, and nowhere is the peace so entire and full of joy as when a person feels that they are reconciled to God.

This doctrine has been confirmed by all the subsequent revelations in the Bible, and by the experience of all those who have become reconciled to God.  : It is peace, as opposed to the agitation and conflict of the mind before; peace resulting from acquiescence in the claims of God; peace in the belief that He is wholly right, and worthy of confidence; and peace in the assurances of His friendship and favor forever. This doctrine, it seems, was understood in the early ages of the world, and, indeed, must have been known as early as religion existed. People have became alienated from God by the apostasy; peace was to be found again only by returning to God, and in reconciliation to Him.

The benefits from such a reconciliation? They relate mainly to temporal prosperity, or to proofs of the divine favor in this life.   The  results from reconciliation with God consists in:

(1) pardon of sin;

(2) peace of conscience;

(3) the assurance that we shall have all that is needful in this life;

(4) support in trial;

(5) peace and triumph in death;

(6) a part in the resurrection of the just; and

(7) a crown incorruptible and undefiled in heaven.

No man was ever “injured” by becoming reconciled to God; no one is reconciled to Him who is not made a better and a happier person in this life, and who will not be crowned with immortal glory hereafter.


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