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“a new heaven and a new earth”

We get so caught up in this world that we are living in that we forget sometimes that this is not where we belong.

If our names are written in the Book of Life, the new heaven and earth will be our first destination where we will meet together for the first time.  A time where we will be brought to Christ, and be presented as a glorious Church, without spot or wrinkle.

The new heaven and the new earth will not be separate from each other; the earth of the saints, our glorified, bodies, will be heavenly. The old world, with all its troubles and tumults, will have passed away.

There will be freedom from conflicting passions, temptations, troubles, changes, and alarms. The presence of God will be with us, it will not be interrupted as it is on earth, He will dwell with us continually. All effects of former trouble shall be done away. We have often been in tears, by reason of sin, of affliction, of the calamities of the church; but no signs, no remembrance of former sorrows shall remain. Christ makes all things new.

If we are willing and desirous that the gracious Redeemer should make all things new, He will make all things new in respect of our situation, till He has brought us to enjoy complete happiness.

Sensual and sinful pleasures are muddy and poisoned waters; and the best earthly comforts are like the scanty supplies of a cistern; when idolized, they become broken cisterns, and yield only vexation. But the joys which Christ imparts are like waters springing from a fountain, pure, refreshing, abundant, and eternal. The sanctifying consolations of the Holy Spirit prepare for heavenly happiness; they are streams which flow for us in the wilderness. (Matthew Henry)

For it is said, “He that sitteth on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And the Lord says, Write all this; for these words are faithful and true. And He said to me, They are done.”  And this is the truth of the matter

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Blow the trumpets!

Have you ever had days when you were completely intoxicated with being glad for having such a great day – ever feel like blowing a trumpet?

Have you ever had days, after an incredible amount of battle, wit and expended energy in battling the war either within you or from others externally, and you finished the battle as victor – ever feel like blowing a trumpet?

Have you had days where you needed to be reverent and need to come and experience God – ever feel like blowing a trumpet?

Did you have a day or days of fun and celebration – ever feel like blowing a trumpet?

I have had some amazing days, but I surely can say that I never felt like blowing a trumpet.  Yet, in these incredible experiences, God wants the world to know that we have received from Him a completed promise, actually promises, and that blessings He has laid up for us in these covenants, if you will, are for us.  His best idea, to let every one remember that incredible fact, was to blow a trumpet.

God then takes pleasure in our religious exercises, when we take pleasure in them. Holy work should be done with holy joy.

We sadly lack celebration in the church – on more than one occasion, church service has been compared to a sporting event, and church loses every time as we get nowhere near the level of emotion we seem to achieve at other events we participate in.

But I think these trumpets do more than just a reminder of God goodness and fulfillment of promise of blessing.  Matthew Henry puts it right when he states that they proclaim the good news to those who do not know God.  It calls them to repent, proclaims liberty to the captives and slaves of Satan and collects the worshippers of God. It directs and encourages their heavenly journey; stirs them up to combat against the world and sin, encouraging them with the assurance of victory. It leads their attention to the sacrifice of Christ, and shows the Lord’s presence for their protection. It is also necessary that the gospel trumpet give a distinct sound, according to the persons addressed, or the end proposed; whether to convince, humble, console, exhort, reprove, or teach. The sounding of the trumpet of the gospel is God’s ordinance, and demands the attention of all to whom it is sent.

Question is – how do I blow this trumpet today and what does it look like and what does it sound like?  How much longer will I serve my God quietly and secretly?

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