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“a new heaven and a new earth”

We get so caught up in this world that we are living in that we forget sometimes that this is not where we belong.

If our names are written in the Book of Life, the new heaven and earth will be our first destination where we will meet together for the first time.  A time where we will be brought to Christ, and be presented as a glorious Church, without spot or wrinkle.

The new heaven and the new earth will not be separate from each other; the earth of the saints, our glorified, bodies, will be heavenly. The old world, with all its troubles and tumults, will have passed away.

There will be freedom from conflicting passions, temptations, troubles, changes, and alarms. The presence of God will be with us, it will not be interrupted as it is on earth, He will dwell with us continually. All effects of former trouble shall be done away. We have often been in tears, by reason of sin, of affliction, of the calamities of the church; but no signs, no remembrance of former sorrows shall remain. Christ makes all things new.

If we are willing and desirous that the gracious Redeemer should make all things new, He will make all things new in respect of our situation, till He has brought us to enjoy complete happiness.

Sensual and sinful pleasures are muddy and poisoned waters; and the best earthly comforts are like the scanty supplies of a cistern; when idolized, they become broken cisterns, and yield only vexation. But the joys which Christ imparts are like waters springing from a fountain, pure, refreshing, abundant, and eternal. The sanctifying consolations of the Holy Spirit prepare for heavenly happiness; they are streams which flow for us in the wilderness. (Matthew Henry)

For it is said, “He that sitteth on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And the Lord says, Write all this; for these words are faithful and true. And He said to me, They are done.”  And this is the truth of the matter

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Angel of God

There are so many recorded experiences of angels delivering messages from God, especially when you have just read most of them during the advent season and Christmas day, and Epiphany to come soon.

Even with Paul, such a conversationalist with God, yet he too received messages from angels.

I have to admit that this is striking me awkward today.

Every cult, occult, false religion I know comes at the hand of what the founders call an angel.

Then it dawned on me.

There are angels of light and angels of darkness or angels of God and demonic angels.

There is obvious power in invoking the fact that an angel, a messenger of God, has given you a direct message from the lips of God.  God favouring you as the author and the witness of such a message – leaving no doubt, fully persuading the listening ear.

For these moments in time, God has given us the spirit of discretion, that we might not be deceived.

We do not need to hear or see angels in order to know whether a cause is approved of God or not – by that, we do not need proof.

Sounds like I am on a downer about angels. Contrary – I believe that angels are ministering spirits sent from God to assist us in our darkest hour.

Angels are not kept from us by storms, or hindered by darkness.

We rarely see their hand of involvement in our lives, but the good turns, the safe return home from a dark and stormy night, may show signs of God’s goodness to us at the hands of angels more so than not.

Is this an hour of distress with you? then ask for peculiar help. If Jesus‘ presence is what you are earnestly seeking, it will not be denied. I may struggle with the appearance of an angel, but that is what you might need during this very difficult time, but I do know, that an angel of God will be standing by you in the night of your storm, when nothing matters and when everything else has failed.

“O angel of my God, be near,

Amid the darkness hush my fear;

Loud roars the wild tempestuous sea,

Thy presence, Lord, shall comfort me.”


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…a holy people.

Partakers of the blessings of God‘s goodness; separated and distinguished from others by the grace of God; are sanctified and brought into the Gospel; and who assemble together to worship God, and wait on Him in His word and ordinances, and praise God in  song; publicly honouring and glorifying God; following the example of Christ who has gone before us.

The mark of a faithful follower of Jesus – the realization that the new mercies we receive each day continually demand new songs of praise. We bless the God who made us, and  rejoice in Him, as having created us in Christ Jesus to do good works, and formed us as faithful saints.

The Lord takes pleasure in His people; and we should rejoice in Him. When the Lord has made us realize that our feelings of wants and unworthiness can be exchanged for the Spirit of grace and that we can reflect the image of God to which He created us – we can then rejoice in His happiness.

Let us, His  saints employ their waking hours upon their beds in songs of praise. Let them rejoice, even upon the bed of death, assured that we are going to eternal rest and glory…having been faithful.


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Praise the LORD

Which is the English translation of a common expression that comes from the Hebrew, Greek and Vulgate Latin for – hallelujah.

I know I have talked about this before, and rightly so, because in order to be prosperous in this world, my soul needs to connect with praise to Jesus, the Lord of the world, who has created it and upholds it; the Lord of lords, David‘s Lord; and the Lord of all His people, by creation, redemption, and grace; and from whom we receive all blessings and mercies, temporal and spiritual, and are therefore under the highest acts of service and love to praise Him.

I keep sharing this with you as my own expression of my time in prayer.  I do not ask you to do something I do not already do myself.  This has been an expression I have talked about already at least four times this year.  I know that praising the Lord sounds like a simple act to do, but we all know it is not or we would be doing it more.

This is an encouragement to you, that even when your heart is cold, your soul has a flame and that flame wants to praise the Lord – let it!

As it does for me, it will do to you – the flame will blossom, the Holy Spirit will fill you, your heart will warm to the things of God, and everything will be right again in the world.

So we start with our  tongue, mouth, and lips – then engage with our soul and our heart, and begin to sing a new song will all of our being and we worship HIm and He accepts this offering of love and fills us with His love for the work we need to do today.

Today is only an expression of eternity.

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cry for mercy

My Catholic friends excel in this area and have taught me well.  The times I think I have arrived are becoming less and less often and the realization that I have no righteousness to present to God happens on a regular basis and out of my heart and through my mouth, I cry for God’s righteousness.

Talk about finding love in a hopeless place.

I have hope because of a promise God gave me.   I depend on His mercy for the removal of my troubles, for the pardon of my sins, for assistance in relieving the weight that is on my mind from day-to-day tasks.

How powerful are the testimonies that we share with each other of the goodness of God?  I can look back and I can remember how God helped so many others – I see the work of God before me always, I see the work of His hand in giving hope when there looked like none was to be found.

The more I consider the power of God, the less I shall fear the face or force of others. For if I place my earnest desires towards God and His favour – it is the best course I can take – especially when my spirit seems overwhelmed.

I will always be a sinner saved by grace – may my meditation and prayer reflect this and deliver me from my distress.  When my mourning soul returns to you, God, may the thirsting for consolation be as parched ground for refreshing rain.


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a curse and an oath

I heard this concept recently at a Social Media training presentation.

It went something like this – you set yourself up with goals – SMART – and then you set for yourself consequences that will take place if you do not reach your goals.  For instance, you might make a major gift of $5,000 to a charity.

Then I was thinking about the relationship that people had with God before Jesus came and ushered in the age of grace.

They did the same thing.

They not only made an oath, or a commitment to follow God in everything that He had instructed; they also set up curses upon themselves if they should in any way, shape or form, deviate from that path.

Maybe its as easy as promising yourself not to curse.  So you set up a “curse jar” and every time you break your promise you through in a loonie.  Something tells me there is far more to this.

Lord, I want to follow you with all my heart, I want you to make me different, to change me…I pray that you will forgive me when I fall off this path I desire so much and never leave me…in fact, hold my hand and when I can’t seem to stand, carry me…

Thank you Jesus for removing the curse from my life and for helping me fulfill my oath.

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I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die

The true spirit of a martyr!

So resolute that there is no need to constrain them.

What part of God‘s character does this reveal – intrepidity, courage, firmness of mind?

I have to believe that there are times when duty calls the follower of Jesus to face the danger and there are times when we do not. The will of the Lord must be done, and there is no remedy; for His will is His wisdom, and He does all according to the counsel of it.

Consider this when trouble comes our way – that the will of the Lord will be done.  When we see that coming, this must allay our griefs, silence our fears and give us what we ought to say – Amen, let Your will be done.

The end result?

As a sixteen year old, I was slipping through the cracks.  One boring day, I picked up my dad’s book, Martyrs Mirror.  Changed my life to see what the early followers of Jesus had to suffer in order for me to know Christ, have the honour of knowing Him and having His story at my disposal at any time, any place – I am rich!

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