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never lack

There is such a large and never-failing supply of gifts and grace from Jesus – there will never be a lack of the oil and the wine of Gospel truths that we can communicate of to others.

It speaks to the variety, and never-ending discovery, of these Gospel truths and they are all delivered in a manner that we are capable in receiving them.

We have a continual supply in the ministry of the Word.

We can rejoice when we enter into trials, because we know that this is divinely intended to strengthen our faith by producing endurance and if one lacks the wisdom to know how to respond to the trials of life, we need only to ask God for wisdom.

It is my prayer that for the new year coming, you will never lack.

By that I mean that you will understand the incredible character trait of God concerning His generosity – that generosity, reflected in the ability to give our money, time, energy and resources to those in need around us.

One of those oil and wine truths of the Gospel – no one can explain it – but the law of giving looks like this – the more we give, the more we receive from the hand of God.

This year I have been writing along these lines – pointing as best I can to the fact that our prosperity comes from following after God, check out the oil and wine found in His Word.

Almost forgot to be real in this as I write a bit too early in the morning without having my own time with God.

The hands and fingers of givers are always on top during an act of giving, while that of the receivers are always below, thus you’ll notice all around you, givers always seem to have enough to meet their needs, even in times of trouble, while others might find it hard to come out unscathed, givers always come out even better compared to their previous situations. That is not to say that givers cannot be receivers and I posted another friends blog to share some of those thoughts with you.

Any seed planted into the ground grows to produce a multiplication of seeds, thus your act of giving, be it time, energy, kindness or money acts as a seed, and germinates to produce multiples of its kind and the second part of the law of giving – it comes back to you.

This new year coming,  I pray God touches your heart and as you follow Him, that you will never lack.

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Accuser who accuses

In my world, I see the power of God almost every day.  It is an amazing thing, it is a beautiful and life changing thing.

I do not give myself to much thought of the forces that come against God each day, as I find myself to be very trusting and safe in His protection.

I try to see the world through the eyes of God and see the incredible, unrelenting, persecution of the good in our society – the children, the simple, the old, the unborn, the women, the poor, the lonely…

Lately I have allowed myself attention to seeing the work of the ungodly, the accusers of the good, they seek their own gain, they will seek whatever means, at whatever is at their disposal to accomplish what they want, when they want it and give no regard to how that happens.  In other words, the end justifies the means.

There is an invisible force helping these ungodly people to be as evil as they are.  This is not a natural drive built into the human race.

Is there success in these arenas of life?

What is my role when the ungodly rape the land, allow their people to starve or thirst to death, put their youth in armed forces at the age of 8, slaughter people who are just different then they are and no one really knows the definition of different or why that is worthy of being slaughtered, they just do it.

I realize that the onslaught happens to all of us each day.  Happens to me too.  If our family is to have an argument of any kind, it will happen just before church, during church or right after church – for those with family – you know what I mean.

This is only the accuser trying to accuse.

I have decided that love wins all the time.  No matter what, the default has to be love.  Even when Jesus hung on the cross and the evil in the world thought they had won, they did not – LOVE did.

I pray that I will learn how to love, default to love, in everyone – see the image of God, in everything – see how the hand of God in my hand can make a difference, and learn how not to serve to someone, but come alongside and to serve with them.

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Sealed as a Servant of God

I have seen different kinds of seals used from time to time in the Bible to mark, separate or protect those who have made a decision to become a servant of God.

You and I have heard hundreds of stories of missionaries, pastors, people of God who have called on His name, and bullets were stopped, angels appeared out of no where, eyes were blinded, fire did not burn, boiling water did not sear, snake bites did not kill and the examples go on and on.

Being a servant of God can’t be an easy choice.  Sounds easy at first – but then you have to realize they nailed Jesus to a cross and He carried out not one single act of aggression, violation, indecency, or evil and He was the Son of God.

So for us to be followers of Jesus requires God’s hand of protection no matter where we go, do or say.  Until we are finished with the going, doing or saying, we can count on that protection always – in fact, its like being in green pastures or by still waters.

The sealing is an act of consecration to God and this mark by God upon us means we are under His immediate protection and nothing shall hurt us.

What does a servant of God or what does someone who follows Jesus looks like?

The character trait that Jesus reflected in His entire ministry was love, so I suspect that is what we would find.  There would be an exercise of faith, there would be no “servant” fear, but a reverent and godly fear based in right living and holiness.  We would see them pointing to God all the time and would be found worshipping Him.  Being followers of the Lamb, they would go, do and say wherever and whatever  He would go, do or say.

As you go about my business today, I rest assured that He is watching me, following me, guiding me and loving me and I, under His protection, am safe to be Him to all that I meet.


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a curse and an oath

I heard this concept recently at a Social Media training presentation.

It went something like this – you set yourself up with goals – SMART – and then you set for yourself consequences that will take place if you do not reach your goals.  For instance, you might make a major gift of $5,000 to a charity.

Then I was thinking about the relationship that people had with God before Jesus came and ushered in the age of grace.

They did the same thing.

They not only made an oath, or a commitment to follow God in everything that He had instructed; they also set up curses upon themselves if they should in any way, shape or form, deviate from that path.

Maybe its as easy as promising yourself not to curse.  So you set up a “curse jar” and every time you break your promise you through in a loonie.  Something tells me there is far more to this.

Lord, I want to follow you with all my heart, I want you to make me different, to change me…I pray that you will forgive me when I fall off this path I desire so much and never leave me…in fact, hold my hand and when I can’t seem to stand, carry me…

Thank you Jesus for removing the curse from my life and for helping me fulfill my oath.

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This is the victory…

In the world of losers and winners, we may have moral issues over that, but the end result is that we would rather be winners and that there would be no losers.

So we are given the opportunity of having victory without having to do very much.

Sometimes when I think about the armour that God gives us…which is the greatest piece of equipment, which one could I not do without?

I am starting to believe that it is faith.

The world, in its maxims, and precepts, and customs, does not rule Jesus, He is free from all of our nonsense.  Where there is supposed conflict between Christianity and the world, understand that in the heart of the follower of Christ there is victory because Jesus has already overcome the world.

By that I mean that the power and principalities of darkness have been dominated, and the power of God has laid the foundation for a victory for the follwers of Christ over  all vice, error, and sin.

This has all been made possible by that faith which makes us one with Him, and that totally consumes us with His Spirit, that we are able to have the victory too.

The Arabic and Ethiopic versions read, “your faith”; great things, heroic actions, and wonderful victories, are ascribed to faith.  It is faith in Jesus Christ; He is the object of our faith who supports, strengthens and assists us and that faith in us does wonders, when it is enabled because of Christ, and becomes our shield, in His hand, against every enemy that opposes.


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Give careful thought to your ways

Emotional intelligence describes this as self-awareness – what you have been doing, what you are doing, and what  have those things led you to, and what will they lead you to.

This will confirm a truth – that our acts are not only ways in which we go, each day of life being a continuance of the day before; but that they are ways which lead, somewhere in God‘s providence and His justice; to some end of the “way,” good or bad.

Giving this kind of thought to life can be quite an eye opener and if done with the attitude of love to God and to self, will lead to times of repentance.  If not done in this manner and with this attitude, you might be left instead with gnawing remorse.

If we find that these times set aside to consider our intentions, our “heart,” bears little fruit, maybe our heart is not really in it.  The “heart” application requires action of some kind in order to process the “changed” life.   Something Jesus said – if any will come after Me. let them deny themself.

What happens when we do not take time to invite God into our quite time, our lives, to examine our hearts?

Isn’t there an emptiness to life – we make money but it’s never enough, we build homes but they are never large enough, we buy wardrobes but have nothing to wear, we save for a rainy day but it is always raining…

Doesn’t that lead to discouragement and saps us of any courage that we might have had?

Let’s face it, not having time for God so that we can have more things and more money might mean that our souls will experience such poverty that we will miss our call when it comes – for there is a proper time when God will call us and if we delay, will we let slip the opportunities of usefulness that God has set before us to do.

There is work to be done, let us not consider the ways of our own interests, but apply  the necessary duty of self-examination and communion with our own hearts concerning our spiritual state. Sin is what we must answer for; duty is what we must do. If any duty has been neglected, that is no reason why it should still be so. Whatever God will take pleasure in when done, we ought to take pleasure in doing.

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How does one be in awe of God?

How does one experience happiness from being in awe of God?

I think I am beginning to catch on to something.  When I read my Bible each morning and try to gain an understanding of what it takes for me to live a happy and prosperous life, I am trying to follow the instructions as best I can.

Each morning I glean prescriptions, directions, paths, laws and commands – so far, all of them pleasant and profitable.  All of them have given me life – most of them required inordinate strength and sometimes wisdom that I did not have and needed to find from others.

When I look back to January 1st, when I started this project, I can see, expressively, a progression in my relationship with God and I can say that I receive His grace, as I worship Him with heart, body, soul and mind – I think about Him all the time and I think about the things He wants me to do, and I do the things He asks me to do and I am happy and for the fact that this God of the universe cares that I am happy – I look at Him like a child and am in awe of my Father.



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