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Angel of God

There are so many recorded experiences of angels delivering messages from God, especially when you have just read most of them during the advent season and Christmas day, and Epiphany to come soon.

Even with Paul, such a conversationalist with God, yet he too received messages from angels.

I have to admit that this is striking me awkward today.

Every cult, occult, false religion I know comes at the hand of what the founders call an angel.

Then it dawned on me.

There are angels of light and angels of darkness or angels of God and demonic angels.

There is obvious power in invoking the fact that an angel, a messenger of God, has given you a direct message from the lips of God.  God favouring you as the author and the witness of such a message – leaving no doubt, fully persuading the listening ear.

For these moments in time, God has given us the spirit of discretion, that we might not be deceived.

We do not need to hear or see angels in order to know whether a cause is approved of God or not – by that, we do not need proof.

Sounds like I am on a downer about angels. Contrary – I believe that angels are ministering spirits sent from God to assist us in our darkest hour.

Angels are not kept from us by storms, or hindered by darkness.

We rarely see their hand of involvement in our lives, but the good turns, the safe return home from a dark and stormy night, may show signs of God’s goodness to us at the hands of angels more so than not.

Is this an hour of distress with you? then ask for peculiar help. If Jesus‘ presence is what you are earnestly seeking, it will not be denied. I may struggle with the appearance of an angel, but that is what you might need during this very difficult time, but I do know, that an angel of God will be standing by you in the night of your storm, when nothing matters and when everything else has failed.

“O angel of my God, be near,

Amid the darkness hush my fear;

Loud roars the wild tempestuous sea,

Thy presence, Lord, shall comfort me.”


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I will send an angel before you…

I borrowed this photo from the site above as the site has a thread that deals with the same topic.  It may cover some things that I will not.

I am intrigued, to say the least, about angels.  In fact, I get down right meditative as I explore this territory with God asking Him to enable me to understand this incredible subject.

Most of us like the simple context that we might be providing hospitality or kindness to an angel unawares.  Cute stuff.

Angels talking to Mary, Joseph, shepherds, Zachariah, women at the tomb etc. always becomes expected as we hear the stories each Christmas.

Daniel, Peter, Silas all having angelic visitations more amazing.

Missionaries having their local communities share how their lives were spared by giant men dressed in white – powerful

Elisha, Billy Graham asking God to open eyes into the  spirit world and see the angels around them, keeping them safe – like getting God involved.

Somewhere then, if angels are real and present then demons are to.

As Daniel was praying, it took the angel twenty-one days just to get to Daniel.

Read Charles Mully’s book where he saw the demons pick up his father two feet off the floor.

Talked to some missionaries in Malawi who were sharing the gospel in a Muslim part of town and they had many accounts of tall men dressed all in black killing people and in the morning they were dead with no sign of trauma whatsoever.

So, angels are not just about fun and games.

Angels are real, demons are real

Where do we fit in.

If God sends in angels before I arrive at a place, or sends them along with me as I am going to a place, I am going to spend a little bit more time asking God to do so.  When I am in a place or having arrived at a place, I am going to spend a little more time asking God to displace any presence of the demonic that would hinder his work.  If I am going to cast out demons and pray for deliverance in healing and miraculous, I am going to need to fast and pray more often than not.

If I want to live a normal life, not engaging with the spirit world at all and ignoring all possibilities of their existence – how boring.

I signed up to follow Jesus because following Him makes the difference in my world, our world and the world of tomorrow.  Jesus take the wheel – lets see what we can do together and having angels making things happen because You care – awesome and thank you.  Rather follow You than be safe, give me courage every day to follow You.

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