honour and recognition


This has to be one of the most difficult tasks I have had to face in a senior management position where the environment is based on team and the success is based on the success of the team, yet we all know that without the key players, success would be hard to come by and yet honouring or recognizing anyone above the other would imply possible discrimination, possibly missing input from key members that I might have thought were not based on my perspective, and what honour and recognition is viable – what value does that particular success warrant without slighting the recipients?

Then there are the times, I am sure the team member is saying to themselves, “I have made this happen, it is because of me that we have had so much success this year – I wonder how they will honour or recognize me at the Christmas party this year?”  Unfortunately, too many Christmas parties go by without any honour or recognition.

It was a settled principle of the Persian government that “Royal Benefactors” were to receive an adequate reward. The names of such persons were placed on a special roll, and care was taken that they should be properly recompensed, though they sometimes waited for months or years before they were rewarded.

We admit that we look for honour and recognition from God too don’t we – I read my Bible, prayed faithfully, went to church every Sunday – and now this!  I don’t deserve this, I deserve a medaL

Trust me in this…the providence of God rules over the smallest concerns of all of us. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without Him being aware.  In His time, the greatest time of all time, you will be honoured and recognized for your faithfulness, passion, desires of your heart, attitude and character of Christ pursued, practicing the presence of God, serving in love, standing when everything around you says give up… you will be honoured, you will be recognized, you will have a testimony to the amazing providence of God in your life!

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