Is your soul getting along well?

In every respect, I pray that it may go as well with you as it does with your soul; that in your worldly prosperity, your comfort, and your bodily health, you may be as prosperous as you are in your relationship with God.

I can”t say this is not the common way to express a blessing to our friends, basing the value and volume of prosperity on the advancement of ones relationship with God but it is an expression that identifies a desire of prosperity to one in respect of how much they give and do  to and in others, included in their walk with God.

I pray that it is your desire to engage in this prosperous journey, to lead others in this way, to have success with your plans and purposes, in business and in family, your engagements and your transactions all done to the glory and honour  and in the character of God.

I pray also that this message will find you in good health, both in body and in soul.

It is my prayer that should your soul be found to be living and engaging and growing in truth, in your relationship with Jesus, then I pray that your physical health would reflect that of the health of your soul.

You know your soul is doing well when your sins have been forgiven, when you have an appetite for getting to know God, drinking in the “sincere milk of the Word,” feeding upon it, nourished by it, growing in grace and knowledge of Christ; when your inward person is renewed day by day with fresh strength and when you enjoy communion with God, reflect the light of His glory and the joy of His salvation and when you are fruitful in every good task.

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