Sealed as a Servant of God

I have seen different kinds of seals used from time to time in the Bible to mark, separate or protect those who have made a decision to become a servant of God.

You and I have heard hundreds of stories of missionaries, pastors, people of God who have called on His name, and bullets were stopped, angels appeared out of no where, eyes were blinded, fire did not burn, boiling water did not sear, snake bites did not kill and the examples go on and on.

Being a servant of God can’t be an easy choice.  Sounds easy at first – but then you have to realize they nailed Jesus to a cross and He carried out not one single act of aggression, violation, indecency, or evil and He was the Son of God.

So for us to be followers of Jesus requires God’s hand of protection no matter where we go, do or say.  Until we are finished with the going, doing or saying, we can count on that protection always – in fact, its like being in green pastures or by still waters.

The sealing is an act of consecration to God and this mark by God upon us means we are under His immediate protection and nothing shall hurt us.

What does a servant of God or what does someone who follows Jesus looks like?

The character trait that Jesus reflected in His entire ministry was love, so I suspect that is what we would find.  There would be an exercise of faith, there would be no “servant” fear, but a reverent and godly fear based in right living and holiness.  We would see them pointing to God all the time and would be found worshipping Him.  Being followers of the Lamb, they would go, do and say wherever and whatever  He would go, do or say.

As you go about my business today, I rest assured that He is watching me, following me, guiding me and loving me and I, under His protection, am safe to be Him to all that I meet.


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  1. Posted by lidia youanas on December 14, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I agree with you


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