I look for the one my heart loves

Love is a decision.

Not a doubt in my mind – proven a thousands times over.

Anything else isn’t love, it’s an emotion and love is a character trait.

Love just doesn’t always happen, sometimes it needs to be sought and aroused for love, like anything else, can rest and slide if not put to use.

There is a right time to love, and a time to seek it fervently and diligently.

Even in my relationship with God, whom I love more than anything in this world, love is the same way – it can grow cold.  So I seek Him, go to my place where we usually meet, do a little bit of talking, little bit of reading, little bit of meditation on Him, and sometimes, even when I am with a group of people in church – His loves comes through, He meets with me, tells me that He loves me,,,

I do not understand at times why I feel there is a distance between God and I, but when it is there, I seek for Christ‘s gracious and powerful presence.  This love is personal.  Do not expect that others can help you here.  You might expect spiritual leaders to be the ones you turn to when you are struggling, looking…no, you call on Him by name…you will find Him…He knows your name.


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