cry for mercy

My Catholic friends excel in this area and have taught me well.  The times I think I have arrived are becoming less and less often and the realization that I have no righteousness to present to God happens on a regular basis and out of my heart and through my mouth, I cry for God’s righteousness.

Talk about finding love in a hopeless place.

I have hope because of a promise God gave me.   I depend on His mercy for the removal of my troubles, for the pardon of my sins, for assistance in relieving the weight that is on my mind from day-to-day tasks.

How powerful are the testimonies that we share with each other of the goodness of God?  I can look back and I can remember how God helped so many others – I see the work of God before me always, I see the work of His hand in giving hope when there looked like none was to be found.

The more I consider the power of God, the less I shall fear the face or force of others. For if I place my earnest desires towards God and His favour – it is the best course I can take – especially when my spirit seems overwhelmed.

I will always be a sinner saved by grace – may my meditation and prayer reflect this and deliver me from my distress.  When my mourning soul returns to you, God, may the thirsting for consolation be as parched ground for refreshing rain.


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