a curse and an oath

I heard this concept recently at a Social Media training presentation.

It went something like this – you set yourself up with goals – SMART – and then you set for yourself consequences that will take place if you do not reach your goals.  For instance, you might make a major gift of $5,000 to a charity.

Then I was thinking about the relationship that people had with God before Jesus came and ushered in the age of grace.

They did the same thing.

They not only made an oath, or a commitment to follow God in everything that He had instructed; they also set up curses upon themselves if they should in any way, shape or form, deviate from that path.

Maybe its as easy as promising yourself not to curse.  So you set up a “curse jar” and every time you break your promise you through in a loonie.  Something tells me there is far more to this.

Lord, I want to follow you with all my heart, I want you to make me different, to change me…I pray that you will forgive me when I fall off this path I desire so much and never leave me…in fact, hold my hand and when I can’t seem to stand, carry me…

Thank you Jesus for removing the curse from my life and for helping me fulfill my oath.

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