Just saying the word aloud makes me realize just how often I do not celebrate.  Celebration is just not my way of living and I think it is messing me up.  Don’t get me wrong – I am excellent at Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Anniversaries – you know that stuff everyone else is good at – but to celebrate is more than being happy, more than being appreciative or thankful, more than just being delighted in – it means celebration!  The act of doing something celebratory.

I am thinking now why I can go crazy at a ball game or hockey game and be not so crazy at church.  I am celebrating my teams achievements, but at church I am trained to be quiet, reserved, holy… no celebrations allowed.

I saw a clip from SAT-7 who filmed a 12 hour marathon church service in the Cave Church which is located in the Garbage Village of Cairo.  Yeah, you heard me, 12 hours.  At one point, the 12,000 people attending this service started shouting the name of “Jesus” for – hang on – 15 minutes!  Yeah, that’s right – compare that to my Promise Keepers event where 4,000 men could hardly keep it going for 3 minutes.

Imagine if we could come to church each Sunday to celebrate the things that God has done in our lives each week?  Imagine if I as a father could celebrate with my family during the dinner hour what God has done each day?It has got me thinking…looking forward to celebrating more individually, with family, corporately…and still take in a few ball games and some Marlies games too.


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  1. Posted by lidia youanas on December 10, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    I agree with you, we must celebrate God by effective ways because He is worthy!


    • Hi Lidia,
      Let’s think of a way to celebrate…without real money involved…
      Pick one of these to share one idea – finding a job, receiving a gift for SAT-7, finding a new friend
      Today, Ann-Marie and I tried this on some ideas – it was pretty hard – shows that it has to be a choice – I believe


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