read it…hear it…take it to heart

There is something about reading as opposed to just hearing isn’t there?

I think we all have different learning styles and methods and many would argue that they are visual verses auditory.  I think I remember that when we read something, we retain something like 30% and if we only hear something, we retain 10%, but if we read and hear we retain 60%.  Then if we go and practice, teach or share what we have just read and heard, we are up to retaining 95%.

I know that I need to get into God‘s Word each day – I used to slip in my cd for the morning drive into work – we called it, “Faith comes by hearing,” and it did do its job.  However, there was no lasting effect.  I have used many different approaches to my time spending reading God’s Word.  Today, I read for one specific purpose – I am looking for those clues, those gems of instruction that point the way to having true success in my life.

You guessed it – I then take what I have read, share it in this posting.  Then all day long I either am sharing, practicing or teaching what I have learned for the day.  Most of the time, I can tell you what I read and what I learned and how that made a difference in my life for quite some time.  In fact, the breadth of my understanding seems to be growing more and I find that I am not so narrow-minded as I read God’s Word each day not as a rule book, but as God’s narrative, His story, revealing His character to me.

It is actually a lot of fun!


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