Your name is like perfume

I still remember the first time I drove through the Rocky Mountains from Banff all the way through to Jasper.  It was late April, the water was an unusual colour, there were still patches of snow and ice on the road, and I can’t remember exactly why, but I stopped the car and got out…to be hit with the most amazing and incredible intoxicating aroma that I have ever smelled.  I can tell you that whenever I travel back to Alberta, I always try to arrange an early spring visit and I always try to set up appointments in Calgary and  Edmonton – then take the long route through the Rockies to re-capture that aroma that cannot be bottled..

What can I say about the name Jesus?  Say it…again…it soothes the soul, peace enters your inner being, love consumes you…say it again…one more time…you sense His presence, He is with you.  There is an incredible sense of Him flowing through you.

Immanuel – God with us, Jesus, Saviour, Messiah, Priest, King, Anointed; the name of Christ is not now like ointment sealed up, but like ointment poured out; the freeness, fulness, sweetness of His grace, mercy and love.

‘Who can deny that His presence is strongly felt? From whom come such purity and passion?
Whose creative touch can ignite hearts and bodies with such a capacity to bring unsullied delight to another? Who kindled the senses that savor every sight, touch, scent, taste, and sound of a loved one? Whose very character is composed of the love that is the central subject of His message?

Praise to the Lord of creation who makes possible such exquisite love and to the Lord of redemption who demonstrated love’s
fullness on a cross.

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  1. Posted by lidia youanas on December 6, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    You are right – It’s true!


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