rescue me…protect me

This is a prayer.

The kind of prayer that one can pray continuously throughout the day as one would say, “Lord, have mercy on me” and possibly with the same outcome.

For even though we may have checked and double checked to ensure that we have on the spiritual armour we require each and every day, there is that one bit of protection you rarely hear preached because, well, we really don’t want to do it – prayer.

Really, there is nothing else to do.

I do not know what is out there in this world, not sure I need to know the specifics – but this one thing I do know – when I mention the name of Jesus, its like all hell breaks loose.

Am I dealing with evil, wicked people or am I dealing with evil , wicked spirits in the unseen world?  somehow, I see angels around me all day.  That’s not odd for those who have seen me drive.  My wife says my angels are working overtime.  I sense that being in the Hand of God is a good place to be as I have determined, even with all my armour, His infinite goodness is more than a match for all the evil in the universe.

He knows how to deliver me safely, keeps me out of harms way, and sustains me, but I love it when it seems like I cannot make it, He rescues me and I come out on top even when defeat seemed to be certain.

I have decided that I like to being rescued and I like being protected – I will put on my armour still each day, and filling that day with prayer so that both of us, God and I, know that my life is in His hands.  My safe place is found in prayer.


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