Verb:  Address (someone) in such a way as to express disapproval or                 disappointment.

Noun:  The expression of disapproval or disappointment.

Synonyms:  verb. reprove – upbraid – blame – rebuke – reprehend – chide

noun. reproof – rebuke – shame – disgrace – reprimand – blame

I am speaking to a group of young adults on Sunday regarding the doctrine of God and Contemporary Culture.  Cannot do justice to this topic on an hour – but it is important to set the intro and create critical thinking patterns – at least that is my aim.

Simply, if we want to accredit the following of Jesus Christ, and we profess those things that come from Him, acknowledging such character traits as justice and mercy; should we not, in the sight of all, abstain from injustice and cruelty?

If so, than we think there is meaning in our intention as opposed to what is expressed.  That leads us to the word – reproach – for those around us, the cloud of witnesses, will reproach Jesus Christ, the character of God, the sincerity of our desire to fear God and to serve Him – because we do not carry His character with us into the world and we treat other followers of Christ with contempt.
So we can have the signs of prosperity, but have abuse within us.  So we keep those abuses in check by fearing God and not desiring worldly gain or being cruel to others, especially to other followers of Jesus.  Nothing exposes our desire to be like Jesus to reproach than our worldliness and hard-heartness.   Those that rigorously insist upon their right, with a very ill grace try to persuade others to give up theirs. In reasoning with selfish people, it is good to contrast their conduct with that of others who are generous; but it is best to point to His example, who though He was rich, yet for our sakes became poor, that we, through His poverty, might be rich. They did according to promise. Good promises are good things, but good performances are better.



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