How have You loved us?

That is sometimes our response when we hear God telling us that He loves us or when we hear others declare that God loves us — how?

Considering the five love languages – touch, time, gifts, written words, acts of kindness – which one does God use to express His love towards us?

Obvious to most of us, His written word, His love letter, His story declares that devotion and it is an “I loved you and do love you” expression.

It’s crazy, but when we believe Him, we start to understand because His love for us makes us start loving Him.

What about the acts of kindness that we receive?  How many blessings can we recall?  If we are new at this love stuff, we might not have many.  Even so, I remember my parents, in detail, describing how many times they should have died and yet by some unknown force, they were saved.  Then twenty years later when they became followers of Christ, they knew it was the hand of God all along.

But let me stop there – why am I spending time in the obvious, maybe the problem is not God – maybe its me.  Sounds like the tone of my question is one more of ingratitude.

Isn’t it just like us to complain?  So easy to forget, definitely to ignore all God’s past and present mercies.  In an instant, I demand His love – ah, I am so stupid and so unthankful.

When does this root of sin, the  insensibility to God’s love show it ugly head most?  Is it not true that it shows up when we have our prosperity taken from,  implying that we have no tokens of God’s love; we look at what God has taken, not at what God has left.

God’s love is often least acknowledged where it is most manifested. We must not infer God does not love us because He afflicts us. We, instead of referring our sufferings to their proper cause, our own sin, impiously accuse God of indifference to our welfare.

Your loving kindness, Lord, is better than life itself!



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  1. Posted by lidia youanas on November 30, 2011 at 9:23 am

    He is faithful forever!


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