The Certainty of Success

Surprised if I told you that the certainty of success is found in divesting your investments and would you be surprised if I told you that the core of those investments needs to be rooted in giving?

Just as you do not know which investment will or will not work, just like you do not know the path of the wind or how a baby is formed in the womb, just as you do not know which seed will sprout and grow and which one will not, just as you do not know when a tree falls, will it be to the north or south – so also we do not know the power of a gift and when we will receive a blessings for making such a gift to someone in need.

It is easy to say, “blessings my friend,” no different from watching the clouds waiting for it to rain, or watching the wind to determine if you can map out its path – there is no purpose, and at the end of the day your day has been wasted.

The certainty of success lays in this – say, “blessings my friend,” give a gift, plant seed and find other work for your hands to do – keep busy all day preparing, giving, planting – for who knows which one of these things will come back and provide a return for you.  The more diverse your investments and the work of your hands, the more opportunity for you to succeed.

A word to maybe those who feel a bit timid and would rather watch the clouds instead of workings, investing, giving, not because they are lazy but because they are scared.

Even the best-laid plans don’t always work out—that’s a reality we all have to face every day. So how should you live when you’re not sure how things are going to turn out?  What we are saying is that we don’t play it safe – we take risks every day and if we are going to take risks, each risk that brings results gives us more confidence for the next one.  Every once in a while when a failure comes our way, we can understand this better and at the same time, stay confident.   Don’t avoid blessings because of the concerns that come with them. Don’t say, “I can’t get married. What if difficult struggles come up between me and my mate?” Or, “I can’t have children. How will I know they won’t be born with a birth defect?” Or, “I can’t start a business. What if it folds?” Or I can’t join the military. I might get deployed.”

God wants you to step out in faith and take risks.

That brings us back to our core, the foundation of success – giving –  freely giving, seems like we are throwing away and will never see it again.  What it does is that it builds the foundation of trust in the fact that God will provide for us – and that is ultimate success.

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