…in God’s hands

There is a culture that ends every wish, desire, plan with the comment – the Lord willing – “So I will see you in the morning at 9:00 am, the Lord willing.”

I think that this may sound a bit much to many of us, but what a great way to see the future of our lives not being negotiated by us, but by God‘s hand.

We do not know the ways of God, we do not know if tomorrow will be a day of blessing or a day of adversity. The Lord willing, we have made plans, and the Lord willing, we will be able to carry them out.

However, whatever the day may bring, blessing or adversity, we are in the hands of God.

I know that this thought brings up another matter.

What things should I choose or refuse, which direction should I take or not take, what is the will of God for me – the right or the left?

It’s a question I believe we need not answer – for why are you so anxious?  Is it because you always want to choose the way of blessing and avoid adversity altogether?  If so, you have just missed the point.  Adversity does not necessarily mean that you have chosen the right path, as much as prosperity doesn’t mean you have chosen the right path.

By the way, do not think that this applies to just the followers of Christ or to just to those who have chosen not to follow Him – He sends blessings and adversity to both.  Only difference is that the follower of Christ is holding on to the hand of God.  So do not look at the outward manifestations of a person’s life to determine if they do or do not have favour with God.  Look at their outward manifestations to see if they are ones who are holding God’s hand!

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