…who knows the heart

Just recently I had lunch with a good friend.  We enjoy religious conversation, he has questions and statements, I have sometimes answers and statements and then add a few more questions.

He came right out this last time and declared how he thought he should be able to get into heaven without any difficulty because of how good he is.

I shared the story of the rich young ruler who said the same thing to Jesus – I told him how Jesus responded – sell everything you have and give to the poor.  I asked, “why do you think Jesus asked him to do that?”  He did not know, so I shared that God looks at our heart.  I said when you stand before Him one day, He may ask you why you should spend eternity with Him, you have only one answer – you know my heart…it has been given to Jesus and though my sins are as crimson red, I am now white as snow.

Not the answer he wanted, end of lunch, yet we determined to have our Christmas lunch mid December.  I am looking forward to that.

In the church, I don’t think we look at the heart very often.  Today, I see people on my Board, on other Boards, based on their direction, purpose and attitude, I think the church is in for some revival.  The heart of our leaders are in a bad place.

What I am really excited about is that there will be some who have been called something other than a Christian, yet have been seeking God and many have found Him.  Like Abraham, they journey with God in their day-to-day lives.  We may judge that life, but God sees past that and sees a heart that seeks after Him.  I will see them in heaven even though we have placed judgement against them – for their hearts are with Jesus.   Unfortunately, many of my friends I will not see in heaven, for the same reason, God sees their hearts and there is no love for Him there.

We have great cause to bless God that we have heard the gospel. May we have that faith which the great Searcher of hearts approves, and attests by the seal of the Holy Spirit. Then our hearts and consciences will be purified from the guilt of sin, and we shall be freed from the burdens some try to lay upon the followers of Christ, so we are free to love the Lord with all our hearts…



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