Sometimes we find ourselves losing that “first” love feeling…

I know that when I look at my wife and “feel” like I do not love her as much as the day I married her, I do everything I can to set that right, make the decision to return and not wait another day.

That’s hard work sometimes…:)

You know, I find it no different with my relationship with God.  I can remember the day when I felt His hand over my heart pulling me to spend some time with Him.

It’s not like I left Him, but it was a promise of a nearer presence – and the secret is, if I draw near to Him, He will draw near to me.

Just fininshed a class on the authority of the Bible.  I think I messed a few individuals up.  My claim that authority was not in the words, but in the establishment of the character of God and who He was.  All God wants to say to us is this is who I am and what I would like to do.  My task is to respond – to hear it, listen, and follow – then He comes and fills me with Himself.

And just as loving my wife more means I leave the things that have separated us, we find ourselves watching, engaged, playing, working one less hour each day so we can be with the God we love.

The reason I think God promises us that if we return to Him, He will turn to us is because it has to be an act of our own free will and not an act of His grace.  Even so, I know He has had mercy with me and has poured Himself into me when I was in a bad place.

Relationships – maybe the secret is in making the decision to return…


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