Frustration is better than laughter

I know, it sound weird doesn’t it.

Preached all my life that laughter is the best medicine – tons of stories to prove it.

So I contemplated a bit, looked at my list of stories – and its true – every single story indicated that laughter was good for physical health.  Great!

So what’s with the frustration, seriousness, maybe even sorrow – what’s it good for?

Guess what – its good for the soul.  You know, I remember my wife saying in the early part of our marriage that she wished I was more serious.  It was good for her soul too.

Think about it – we are in a home of someone who has just lost a loved one – compare that to a home where recently you were at a party where there are airs of levity — in which occasion did you profit more by?  In which occasion did you feel connected with yourself and others around you?  With God?

Affliction and troubles, even adversity itself, is oftentimes much more profitable, and conduces more to our good, than prosperity; or sorrow for sin, a godly sorrow, a sorrow after a godly sort, which works repentance towards salvation, that might not even need to be repented of, is to be preferred to all empty mirth and jolly.

Imagine – bet you never thought of that before!


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