Give careful thought to your ways

Emotional intelligence describes this as self-awareness – what you have been doing, what you are doing, and what  have those things led you to, and what will they lead you to.

This will confirm a truth – that our acts are not only ways in which we go, each day of life being a continuance of the day before; but that they are ways which lead, somewhere in God‘s providence and His justice; to some end of the “way,” good or bad.

Giving this kind of thought to life can be quite an eye opener and if done with the attitude of love to God and to self, will lead to times of repentance.  If not done in this manner and with this attitude, you might be left instead with gnawing remorse.

If we find that these times set aside to consider our intentions, our “heart,” bears little fruit, maybe our heart is not really in it.  The “heart” application requires action of some kind in order to process the “changed” life.   Something Jesus said – if any will come after Me. let them deny themself.

What happens when we do not take time to invite God into our quite time, our lives, to examine our hearts?

Isn’t there an emptiness to life – we make money but it’s never enough, we build homes but they are never large enough, we buy wardrobes but have nothing to wear, we save for a rainy day but it is always raining…

Doesn’t that lead to discouragement and saps us of any courage that we might have had?

Let’s face it, not having time for God so that we can have more things and more money might mean that our souls will experience such poverty that we will miss our call when it comes – for there is a proper time when God will call us and if we delay, will we let slip the opportunities of usefulness that God has set before us to do.

There is work to be done, let us not consider the ways of our own interests, but apply  the necessary duty of self-examination and communion with our own hearts concerning our spiritual state. Sin is what we must answer for; duty is what we must do. If any duty has been neglected, that is no reason why it should still be so. Whatever God will take pleasure in when done, we ought to take pleasure in doing.

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