Go near to listen…

… and in listening, do what He tells you to do.

How bad is it the we come asking forgiveness for our wrong and then commit those same wrongs again and again.  Can’t we distinguish from what is wrong and what is right?

That’s a pretty hard opening for me, but I see myself influenced by things that do not matter and lately have been challenged to run to God, the place where I might learn His nature, learn which things don’t matter, avoid those things that don’t and engage with those things that do matter.  Imagine not knowing the difference?  Thinking I was following what I thought was the nature of God, but really it wasn’t.

I have to run to God, every morning, be quick about it, show my earnestness in meeting Him, fervency and zeal are in my attitude.   Of course, I come putting off my former self, my past, laying aside those things that do not show Christ in me, and I come to God to hear His Word.

And our conversation is one of purity, I sense myself being cleaned and I can worship in truth having exposed myself completely to Him.  Now according to His Word, which is a lamp to my feet and a light for the path, I worship Him and my mind and my heart are attentive to everything He speaks to me.

I look for ways to give help to the needy and to the poor. I look for ways to offer myself as a holy, living and acceptable sacrifice to Him in my heart – which is broken and humbled.  I look for ways to offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving which He accepts through Jesus Christ.  All this I do in faith, having repented of my sin, having declared my desire for the Holy Spirit to make me a new person.

There are already too many of us that do not consider what they do as wrong.  They just do not know – they think they are doing well, and doing God good service, when they are doing ill; they do not know the true object of worship, nor the spiritual nature of God, nor the right end of God’s purpose or maybe even the truth of that purpose.

Let’s go near for one reason only – to listen what we must do to be like Him.



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5 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for visiting The White Stone and thank you for this post — it’s true and wise counsel – by the Holy Spirit it is being applied. Thanks, again. Keep Braving the Dark with The LIGHT, Kathie


  2. Having read some of your interesting posts……May I humbly ask your opinion on this:


    Being a nigerian, I have noticed amongst our people the sudden awakening that being a true christian, one is not permitted to be financially challenged (broke) or have a serious illness, and therefore alot of pastors have now focused their attention on their new found ‘Revelation’, which by the way, i belive they have adopted from the americans, only, nigerians have taken it to another level, going from building empires to even schools that are not affordable by their own congregation. Is this the work of God?

    Pls share your views on this subject…
    you can also post any replies on our blog so our readers may benefit from your opinions and contributions…thank you 🙂


    • Having read some of my posts, I believe you already know my answer. The “black market” in “christian” things are incredible temptations for the nigerian people. A people who must face the wealth of the Muslim world with the seemingly poverty that comes with being a follower of Christ – unless the nigerian takes matters into their own hands. So being a little bit Muslim is okay, being Christian when it benefits one is okay and being someone who acts as if their is no God, no judgement day, no accountability for one’s actions – a belief that life ends when we die, so gain what we can while we are alive – such is the life is it not? Void of peace, void of blessing, void of purpose for life – my friend, that is not so. All I need is Jesus and to be a true follower is to yield one’s life to Him. If He calls one to be rich – so be it, if He calls one to be poor – so be it. May our hearts not be bitter if we are called to be poor, and may our hearts not be closed to the call of the poor and needy around us when we are called to be rich. May God forgive the pastors and missionaries who have fallen into the trap that it matters what the world sees, when all that matters is what God sees in our hearts.


  3. Posted by lidia youanas on November 8, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Right! We must be listeners and doers of the Word


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