How does one be in awe of God?

How does one experience happiness from being in awe of God?

I think I am beginning to catch on to something.  When I read my Bible each morning and try to gain an understanding of what it takes for me to live a happy and prosperous life, I am trying to follow the instructions as best I can.

Each morning I glean prescriptions, directions, paths, laws and commands – so far, all of them pleasant and profitable.  All of them have given me life – most of them required inordinate strength and sometimes wisdom that I did not have and needed to find from others.

When I look back to January 1st, when I started this project, I can see, expressively, a progression in my relationship with God and I can say that I receive His grace, as I worship Him with heart, body, soul and mind – I think about Him all the time and I think about the things He wants me to do, and I do the things He asks me to do and I am happy and for the fact that this God of the universe cares that I am happy – I look at Him like a child and am in awe of my Father.



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