There is a time for everything…

I am trying to say that there is a “fitting time” for everything – timing is the important part of the event, not the event itself.

If we believe that God, by His providence, governs the world, and has determined particular things and operations to particular times, then we know that the timing will be done with propriety and success; but if we neglect the appointed seasons, we sin against this providence, and become the authors of our own distresses.

God has given to every person that portion of duration called Time; the space in which all the operations of nature, of animals, and intellectual beings, are carried on; but while nature is steady in its course, and animals faithful to their instincts, we devote  ourselves to a great variety of purposes; but very frequently to that for which God never made time, space, or opportunity.

I suppose we can state for certainty that there are two events which we have little influence over – the time of birth, and the time of death. But all the others are left to the option of our desire, though, at times, God continues to overrule them or guide us by His providence.

I think if I was to go back to my reformation background, then I would cite Gill’s thoughts as a set determined time, when everything shall come into being, how long it shall continue, and in what circumstances; all things that have been, are, or shall be, were foreordained by God, and He has determined the times before appointed for their being, duration, and end; which times and seasons He has in His own power: there was a determined time for the whole universe, and for all persons and things in it; a settled fixed moment for the world to come into being; for it did not exist from everlasting, nor of itself, nor was formed by the fortuitous concourse of atoms, but by the wisdom and power of God; nor could it exist sooner or later than it did; it appeared when it was the will of God it should; in the beginning he created it, and he has fixed the time of its duration and end; for it shall not continue always, but have an end, which when it will be, he only knows: so there is a determined time for the rise, height, and declension of states and kingdoms in it; as of lesser ones, so of the four great monarchies; and for all the distinct periods and ages of the world; and for each of the seasons of the year throughout all ages; for the state of the church in it, whether in suffering or flourishing circumstances; for the treading down of the holy city; for the prophesying, slaying, and rising of the witnesses; for the reign and ruin of antichrist; for the reign of Christ on earth, and for His second coming to judgment, though of that day and hour knows no person: and as there is a set time in the counsels and providence of God for these more important events, so for every thing of a lesser nature – whew – who is going to argue with that?

What we do know is that we each have a purpose, a calling that needs to be executed.  Sometimes I get a little carried away with this thought because I know that God will keep me until I serve Him in the area of my calling.  I understand that we have free will – my belief is that our free and voluntary will still fall under the direction and purpose of God.

There is a time for every purpose of His own; all things done in the world are according to His purposes, which are within Himself wisely formed.  There is a time fixed for the execution of them, for every purpose respecting all natural and civil things in providence; and for every purpose of His grace, relating to the redemption of His people, the effectual calling of them. This is why we can trust Him!



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