pure joy

What would we do to obtain pure joy?

Most of us would not choose the things in the world that have given us pain or discomfort, but think about it again – try to feel what you have inside AFTER going through the troubling times.

I think of my times of incredible trials, times I thought I was being persecuted, I remember the poverty, calamity of physical, emotional and intellectual abuse every day for too many years to share today with you.

Yet, I am disposed to adhere to my faith in God, I will not turn my back on Him.

Why?  When the sickness, poverty, bereavement and real persecution comes and faces me today, my faith which held me in the earlier times, is a friend so close that I am filled with joy that these things have no bearing or matter anymore in my relationship with God.  I have already gone through the fire, have been cleansed and now am a treasure purified for service – to serve my Lord and Saviour at whatever the price, whatever the cost – for He has been faithful as long as I have kept my eyes on Him.

Why is this important?  I think the world is watching me – what does a follower of Jesus look like when they go through trials and tribulations – for we all do?     Do they see that I am in exceeding joy to have been tried, exercised and growing in the fruits of the Spirit, that I see the hand of God working for my good, spiritual and eternal, producing in me something so pure and holy, something that when I look in the mirror, I see more of the character of God then what was there before.

The Jews have a saying, “whoever rejoices in afflictions that come upon him, brings salvation to the world.” (T.Bab. Taanith, fol 8.1)

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4 responses to this post.

  1. That is pretty much the best picture ever. 🙂 I’m setting it as my background at work. Then, I will see it and think of how joyous that horse is and how I could be just like that if only I’d embrace joy. 🙂


  2. Amazing what a picture can do!


  3. Posted by Noel Williams on October 28, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations (James 1:2). Excellent post


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