Defining this word is probably one of the important matters for us, for eternal life depends on the existence and exercise of faith – and we also best understand its nature.

There is a matter of “groundedness” and “confidence”  that would mean that faith gives reality or substance to things hoped for.

The grounding means the basis, foundation or support and the confidence is the reality, substance and existence of something real as opposed to something that is unreal, imaginary or deceptive.

So it imparts reality in the view of the mind to those things which are not seen, and which serves to distinguish them from those things which are unreal and illusive. It is what enables us to feel and act as if they were real, or which causes them to exert an influence over us as if we saw them.

Now, this does not only apply to our spiritual life but to our every walk in life.  Barnes notes this – a belief that there is such a place as London or New York, leads us to act as if this were so, if we have occasion to go to either; a belief that money may be made in a certain undertaking, leads people to act as if this were so; a belief in the veracity of another leads us to act as if this were so. As long as the faith continues, whether it be well-founded or not, it gives all the force of reality to what is believed. We feel and act just as if it were so, or as if we saw the object before our eyes.

We do not see the things of eternity. We do not see God, or heaven, or the angels, or the redeemed in glory, or the crowns of victory, or the harps of praise; but we have faith in them, and this leads us to act as if we saw them. And this is, undoubtedly, the fact in regard to all who live by faith and who are fairly under its influence.

Faith gives them reality in the view of the mind. We know that because we are followers of Christ we will be admitted into heaven; to be raised up in the last day from the slumbers of the tomb, to be made perfectly free from sin; to be everlastingly happy. Under the influence of faith we allow this to be part of our make up and it affects the way we live.

By its very nature, there is not evidence, no proper proof that would convince or disprove, vindicate or defend.

We believe in what God says.   As Barnes notes – we have never seen heaven; we has never seen an angel; we has never seen the Redeemer; we has never seen a body raised from the grave. “But we have evidence which is satisfactory to our mind that God has spoken on these subjects,” and our very nature prompts us to confide in the declarations of our Creator. Those declarations are to our mind more convincing proof than anything else would be. They are more conclusive evidence than would be the deductions of our own reason; far better and more rational than all the reasonings and declarations of the person not following Jesus. We feel and act as if these things were so – for our faith in the declarations of God has made us believe that they are so.

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  1. Posted by lidia youanas on October 23, 2011 at 2:10 am

    Faith reveals the mysteries of God and faith itself is a mystery


  2. Simple, yet profound


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