Are you a foe of God?

How does one tell – at least from God‘s perspective?  His character is filled with incredible mercy and even though He is all power – He is slow to anger.

I feel for those who do not understand this and maintain their track on destruction, not even considering the possibility of feeling sorry for their wrong, much less admitting it to God.

I mean, even if our lost dead relative were to rise from the dead and tell us that we should, how many of us would even listen – such is the pattern of some of our thinking and feeling.

Ever run into someone who “used to be a Christian” – probably – ever run into someone who was, turned away, came back and then turned away again?  I don’t think so.  That person just can’t do it they have permanently set themselves against God and God will not come again to even heal a bruise.

Inside those who have turned their backs totally on God – it must feel like a hundred lions all looking to destroy, looking for their next prey, ravenously hungry to fill the void – filled with blood, lies, and stealing.

One characteristic is consistent, and if you find this in yourself – you pretty much know where you stand – a direct antagonism to God.  This character is very special. It is not simply of rebellion against God, or neglect of Him. It is a direct disputation of His Sovereignty.

Do you really think you can outsmart God?  Can you succeed being a counsellor of evil?  Can you minimise God to those of statues and other man-made deities?

When do you think your time of destruction will be – when do you think God will come and visit you on this matter?  When you are in the midst of your work, perfectly in good condition, strong, amongst friends of like-minded thought – being proud in the fact that you have never lost before, secure in every way imaginable, living the life of ease, prosperous?

It may be that in the very house that you have built that God may come to visit you.

For at some point, those you have hindered from worshipping God and those who have wanted to celebrate their faith with others of the same – will be able to do so.  You will be removed from this position that you hold today.

There are people praying for your salvation – a path you have chosen not to follow – so God has heard their prayer and receives your refusal as permission to put Himself in the position as your foe.

As you have decided to reproach, take His name in vain, rage against God – your voice will no longer be heard.  You will be disgraced and the life you now live will be no longer and everything that you thought was stable and strong will pass away with only one sure thing left remaining – the grave.

Those who have suffered at your hands will be filled with joy in celebrating the opportunity of worshipping God, keeping their promises to God, thanking Him for His faithfulness and mercy to them.  For God will protect and honour His friends from those who are His enemies.  It may not happen right away, giving a false impression that maybe there is no God – but as stated earlier – that is the wrong impression – for He is actually a God of mercy and slow to anger – do not take that as an expression of being non-existent.

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  1. Posted by lidia youanas on October 19, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    That is true, He is full of mercies and slow in anger because of His awesome love


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