You are an answer to your mother’s prayer

Just try and find something on this subject  – you won’t because I looked and did not find much at all.

But I know, more than anything else in the world, that we all know that we are the answer to our mother’s prayer.  I know because on Mother’s Day, every prisoner in every prison in every part of Canada asks for a card to send their mother – Father’s Day goes by without being celebrated.

We know, without a shadow of a doubt that whether it was spoken, wished, dreamed, sighed, whispered – we are an answer to our mother’s prayer.

It is a love that never ends, sometimes gets in the way, sometimes cares so much we call it control, sometimes we get kissed when we wish it were not so, but most times, in our quiet times, we too take time to thank God for our mothers.

My mom gave me a name a really do not like.  Just doesn’t make me fit in.  At the sweet age of 45, she told me why I am named the name I have.  The story was great, love the story, but more than anything else, I knew she must have been talking to me every day, praying over me every day, blessing me every day.

What makes this so special of course is that God answered her prayers – me.

Thank you God for listening to my mom’s prayers – her love for me reflects your love for me.

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  1. I’m sure you’re the answer to a lot of peoples’ prayers. 🙂


    • Your comment reminds me of an Amy Grant song – when she was eighteen – My Father’s Eyes – talks about when people look at me they will see my Father’s Eyes – has been my prayer since I was fourteen.


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