How do you see Jesus?

Stare at the four black dots in the center of the image for 30 – 60 seconds.
Then, to see Jesus in your own home, quickly close your eyes and look at something bright (like a lamp or a window with sunlight coming through it).

Some of us have paintings with Him laughing, or standing behind a sailor as he pilots the ship through a storm, or holding the hands of little children and of course the illustrations from many Bible stories.

There is one picture I have never seen and would like to – and if you have one, please send it my way.

Jesus, as my priest or as the Bible points out the office of the High Priest.

I think that this is important.  For me personally, I have come to Him to dedicate my children, asking Him to anoint them for dedication of service and to fill them with the power of His Holy Spirit.  I have come to Him to anoint me for every position I have ever held in any ministry which I have led.  I have been called since I was twelve and can only serve when I have a mentor, leader, guide and anointing of my High Priest.  I brought my wife to Him, to receive His blessing and approval.  Our home received His blessing and approval as did each room in the house.  Every car I have ever purchased has been dedicated to serve Christ and to allow Him to minister to anyone who rides in that car and for protection for everyone who rides in that car.

Think about how important seeing Jesus as your High Priest is!

Yes, He is our friend, brother, joint-heir, Saviour…yes and amen…but His position of authority comes from His priesthood and He sits at the side of God the Father conducting quite a few things for us.

Everything else we read in the OT was just a shadow of this very thing.  Consider your earthly pastor, priest or spiritual mentor – they will come and go – but our relationship with Jesus is forever, always.  Your confidence in Him never has to be transferred to anyone else – it is eternal.

We have a High Priest – He took upon Himself human nature, appeared on earth, and there gave himself as a sacrifice to God for our sins. We must not dare to approach God, or to present any thing to Him, but in and through Christ, depending upon His merits and mediation; for we are accepted only in and through Christ. In all obedience and worship, we should keep close to God’s Word, which is the only and perfect standard.  The promises of all spiritual blessings, and of eternal life, revealed in the gospel, and made sure through Christ, are of infinitely greater value. Let us bless God that we have a High Priest that serves our helpless condition.  May your meditate today seeing Jesus as your High Pries and may He anoint you for service in all that you do.

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