Can Satan fill a Christian’s heart?

Well, I guess that we need to state the obvious – great deeds of wickedness are traced to the influence of Satan.

He is the father of lies – he owns the franchise on the attempts to deceive.

It becomes our problem when we find ourselves yielding to the temptation.

Nowhere in the Bible are people supposed to be free from guilt from the mere fact that they have been “tempted” to commit it. God requires them to “resist” temptation; and if they “yield” to it… then…

For when our hearts or our minds are “full” of such a crime – when we are “intent on it”, strongly “impelled to it”; or when we are fully occupied with it, maybe even excited about it – what does that mean?

To lie is to attempt to deceive. The deception which we practice, what we pretend with can be seen as “tempting” God – supposing that He could not detect a fraud.

Maybe the real issue here is not with God the Father, but God the Holy Spirit?

I think that is the real issue here – I think this is an act against the Holy Spirit.  When the Holy Spirit guides us and leads us and we follow, but somehow along the way we are not true to the call, and “keep some for ourselves” but act like we gave it all away – are we not making a fool of the Holy Spirit?

Barnes shares these two thoughts:

(1) The Holy Spirit is a distinct Person from the Father and the Son; or, in other words, there is a distinction of some kind in the divine nature that may be designated by the word “person.” This is clear from the fact that sin is said to have been committed against him – a sin which it was supposed could not be detected. “Sin” cannot be committed against an “attribute” of God, or an “influence” from God. We cannot “lie unto” an attribute, or against wisdom, or power, or goodness; nor can we “lie unto” an “influence,” merely, of the Most High. Sin is committed against a “Being,” not against an “attribute”; and as a sin is here against “the Holy Spirit,” it follows that the Holy Spirit has a “personal” existence, or that there is such a distinction in the divine essence that it may be proper to “specify” a sin as committed especially against him. In the same way sin may be represented as committed especially against the “Father” when his “name” is blasphemed; when his “dominion” is denied; when his mercy in sending his Son is called in question. Sin may be represented as committed against “the Son” when his atonement is denied; his divinity assailed; his character derided, or his invitations slighted. And thus sin may be represented as committed against “the Holy Spirit” when his office of renewing the heart, or sanctifying the soul, is called in question, or when “his” work is ascribed to some malign or other influence. See Mark 3:22-30. And as sin against the Son proves that he is in some sense distinct from the Father, so does sin against the Holy Spirit prove that in some sense he is distinct from the Father and the Son.

(2) the Holy Spirit is divine. This is proved, because he is represented as being able to search the heart, and to detect insincerity and hypocrisy. Compare Jeremiah 17:10; 1 Chronicles 28:9; 1 Corinthians 2:10, “The Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God”; Revelation 2:23. And he is expressly “called” God.

This should cause us to examine ourselves, pray and dread hypocrisy, covetousness, and seeking glory for ourselves. It will prevent us from being false teachers. Let us learn to hate lies, follow the God of truth, and avoid as much as possible doubtful expressions or even double meaning in our speech.


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