When God speaks to you…

I love the fact that God speaks to us in the first place and when He does, He never speaks to us in the same manner that He speaks to others.  He communicated to our listening ear, with an understanding of our personality make-up.

So when He does talk to us and for the purposes of today, wants you to go and tell somebody else something they need to know, in other words, be His messenger – what do we do?

If anyone says that they hear God voice and have never done something like this – my guess is that they have never heard God’s voice.

I mean how can one know unless one has proven His voice to be true – not your own conscience speaking or even Satan whispering sweet nothings into your ear.  No better way than to hear God instruct you how to speak to someone else and share God’s Word with them.

Imagine if that word came with a vision – God making sure that you were not misinterpreting His word so He decides to also draw a picture – wow – very powerful.

So whether God wants a word of encouragement, or wants to expose sin, or wants to give direction, or wants to provide an answer to a question or wants us to do something, show something that will build up the body of Christ, may you find the courage, as God confirms His word to you in the quiet hour with words from His Word, to speak it and share it – not as your word, but God’s.

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  1. Posted by talkzcheap on October 13, 2011 at 6:53 am

    Very well written. You asked the question what is one to do as far as being a messenger well that is it. You get notions and questions in your own mind or Satan put the thought there that it wont do any good especially when confronting sin, or even encouraging someone. It may be also that God specifically directs you to approach someone with your testimony as they struggle, it can be anything He directs you to do and our own insecurities about how well we are taken that pulls us back from doing just that. That was one of the hardest things I struggled with and now I am much more aware that my purpose here is to bring glory to God and show the saving power of Jesus. That keeps me personally, from holding back. I guess we all must forget ourselves and lend our bodies as works for God, nothing else matters. Whether the message is welcome or not if He directs you to do it nothing but blessings can come from it. You write very well, I enjoy reading you.


  2. Posted by talkzcheap on October 13, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Sorry to post this here, but I couldn’t find where I could email you at on your home page. I was wondering if you might want to be a guest blogger on my page. You have some very encouraging and honest words to speak and I would be happy to have you on my page as a guest speaker. If so please let me know. Email me directly at talkzcheap@yahoo.com ..thank you!



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