There is stubborn…and then there is stubborn

Being Dutch makes me somewhat an expert in this field as I have not met another man in my lineage of ancestry who wasn’t.

Stubbornness brings out a nasty disposition – we think we can censure or reprove others  and yet we do those things ourself which we censure and reprove in others.  To do that we have to have a poker face of sorts, a hard heart that doesn’t have much of a conscience and of course the infamous stiff neck.

We miss the intent of our parents instructions, by the ministers of the Gospel that we sit under each Sunday morning, by God Himself should we be so inclined as to read His Word and should feel the gentle tugging of the Spirit correcting our waywardness.  By missing the intent we reject it all.

This is a hard place for anyone to be in.  If one continues to reject, continues to be comfortable in that role of a stubborn fool – there are consequences for such directions.  What do you think happens to an ox who kicks and frets and does everything possible to keep from having that yoke put on him?  Yes, that is right – time for steak.

Humpty Dumpty cannot be put together again – once you have been broken because of your stubbornness, especially in your refusing to heed to the voice of God, continually, there is no remedy, healing or curing of this disease which is so obstinate that there can be no pardon of sins, no recovery made, no mistake that can be undone – one is irretrievably lost.

I personally have not necessarily met anyone like that, but I have heard quite of few stories from those who have – word of advice to me – be stubborn on the things that matter – obedience to God every day, loving those He loves, changing the world!

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  1. I find it somewhat ironic that you posted about this on my birthday 😉 – I completely agree with what you said! It’s far better to be stubborn about obedience to God than to be the ox that gets turned into steak because he’s to stubborn to let anyone put a yoke on him.


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