Deal gently…

…with compassion and sympathy because we ourselves would want others to treat us in like manner.  Especially if we find ourselves in leadership – it just means we are a person who needs compassion and sympathy but we have the opportunity of giving it more often and being noticed more often for giving it.

If you think about it long enough, we are all ignorant enough to think that we are better and that kind of thinking means we do not have to be kind to others who are beneath our quality.

We are just as infirmed, liable to err, subject to temptation, must die, and appear before God.

So let’s act in moderation with one another and if you have to, then at least pity, feel for and excuse, as far as possible and be ready to pardon – and when you must punish, administrate in the gentlest manner possible.

We are all welcome to come to God, and as we value acceptance with God, and pardon, as we must apply by faith to this our great High Priest Christ Jesus, who can intercede for those that are out-of-the-way of truth, duty, and happiness; one who has tenderness to lead us back from the by-paths of error, sin, and misery. I trust you are a follower of Christ today for your assistance, acceptance, His presence and blessing and the gifts you have been giving come from Him.

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