Anyone ever ask you for money?

I really struggle with this.  Not sure why, my immediate thoughts do not sound very Christ-like, yet when I think about them, they sound rational and sound.

For those who are hungry, I like buying them food; for those who cannot transport themselves from one place to another, I like buying them gas; for those with no shelter, I like inviting them home — but for some strange reason, giving money is not my thing.

Even in my dreams, when a robber is holding me up and asking for my wallet, I would rather die than hand it over – and that cannot be because I am Dutch – trust me, because I am Dutch, there is nothing in the wallet.

Deep down I feel I have another responsibility.

More than likely, the person doing the asking is helpless, at least feeling helpless.

Psychologists like to ask the questions about your relationship with your mother or father – and maybe that has something to do with our condition – I do not know – but maybe.

I remember vividly the day I came out of church after a Sunday evening service, it was late, around midnight, and the crowd of 200 or so families and individuals had all left and I was locking up.  There was a boy sitting on the front lawn, I went over and sat beside him and asked if he needed help.  He did (bit upset that no one from the church seemed to care enough to ask) – we talked, he cried, and since he had nowhere to go, he stayed with my wife and I for a couple of days.  Sometimes we are looking but need someone to care – church seems to be a good place to go, but don’t expect anyone to come in.

Most likely, we are empty on the inside as well as in the pocket. 

What should grab our attention is the fact that there is an expectation that something will be given by Christians.

We need to know that we think we need money, but that is because we do not know our real need or even what to ask for.  

We also need to know that the greatest giving we can give is the fact that Jesus has come to give us life and the good news He loves and cares even when maybe what I am giving looks like it is not going to help much.

Sometimes, words do matter.

Believe it or not, that young boy on the church lawn, asked God to come into his life after 15 minutes of conversation it mattered – he mattered.

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