Running away…

You now – I have done this a few times…that is running away from God.

What am I talking about?  Well, there are times when God asks us to do something and even though it brings us good things in the end, you just can’t see yourself engaging with what He is asking you to do.

So, let’s get this right…we know that we can’t run from the presence of God for no matter where we go, God is there.  what we are running away from is His call to us as His servant and minister for a situation to which we refuse to be of service because we just don’t like the process or outcome.

Problem with running away – we actually remove ourselves from being under the influence of God and from the place where He can fill us or where we can be fulfilled.  It is easy to walk away, but to be separated from Him – yikes.

Why do I want to run?  I know that sometimes I am just plain and simply afraid of trusting myself in His presence, maybe because of shame, maybe because of something else.

So when God calls me to pray, I get really busy all of a sudden.  Notice in the quietness of our intimacy with God, He starts to talk.

What if He asks me to sell everything and give to the poor, or not to get married because my call needs to be married to Him – what if I try to run – will God abandon me like I am trying to abandon Him?

It has been my experience that God lets me have my way for a time, encompasses me with difficulties, so that I can refocus, find my bearings and “run back” to God.

Barnes says that we should know this – his thoughts go something like this, “The whole wisdom, the whole bliss, the whole of man lies in this, to learn what God wills him to do, in what state of life, calling, duties, profession, employment, He wills him to serve Him.” God sent each one of us into the world, to fulfill his own definite duties, and, through His grace, to attain to our own perfection in and through fulfilling them. He did not create us at random, to pass through the world, doing whatever self-will or our own pleasure leads us to, but to fulfill His will. This will of His, if we obey His earlier calls, and seek Him by prayer, in obedience, self-subdual, humility, thoughtfulness, He makes known to each by His own secret drawings, and, in absence of these, at times by His Providence or human means. And then , “to follow Him is a token of predestination.” It is to place ourselves in that order of things, that pathway to our eternal mansion, for which God created us, and which God created for us.

My trust issues have to be resolved with trust – if I have decided to follow Jesus, and He has promised to be with me always and has supplied all the grace I need, strength I need, courage I need, vision I need, wisdom I need….


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