Praise the LORD!

I cannot spend any amount of time in devotions until I get this incredible urge to praise the Lord.

His Love is incredible and just the little things I remember of His faithfulness, drop me to my knees in adoration and thanksgiving.

God has a claim to universal worship.  Notice when anyone, anywhere tried to worship one of the apostles or an angel – each time they would say get up – but when anyone, absolutely anyone worshipped Jesus, He always received it and never stopped the person!

We talk about get all the nations together and all the religions of the world together under one roof – if anything at all, if these were possible, we would all be needing to praise the Lord – understanding together that He is the one true God.

So it is with the followers of Christ – praise removes all barriers between denominations and inter-faiths.  This is the great truth of Christianity, that all the barriers between the nations were to be broken down, and the Gospel proclaimed to all people alike, it is under the gospel that this language becomes possible as evidence in the Lord’s Prayer.

The word “praise” – שׁבח shâbach – means properly to soothe, to still, to restrain.   The idea of soothing or mitigating, however, is not necessarily in the word, but it may be understood in the general sense of praise. We may in fact often soothe or appease people – angry, jealous, suspicious people – by skillful flattery or praise – for there are few, even when under the influence of anger or hatred, who may not  be approached in this manner, or who do not value praise and commendation more than they do the indulgence of passion; but we cannot hope in the same way to appease the anger of God. We approach Him to utter our deep sense of His goodness; we do not expect to turn Him from anger to love – to make him forget His justice or our sins – by soothing flattery.

So we praise the Lord for He has redeemed us, some out of every tongue, people, and nation; and the Gospel being sent and preached to all nations, and some of each being called and converted by the Spirit of God; we are all excited to praise the Lord, Father, Son and Spirit, for their several acts of divine grace and kindness towards us in choosing, redeeming, and sanctifying us; and in favouring us with the Gospel,  and with His gracious presence in us; and in supplying us with His grace, and giving us a right for eternal glory; for all which praise should be given to the Lord.


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