Whoever you bless is blessed, and whoever you curse is cursed?

Pretty powerful and heady stuff…

I mean – can the power of God really reside in the words I say?

Is this the testimony I seek from those around me – do they see my prayers being answered, do they know that God hears my cry?  Are they coming to me and asking me to pray for them?  Is that what I want, is that the kind of testimony that would glorify God?

I wish it were so, but I am afraid that might not be the full truth, only half the truth.  I think of my friends, she had cancer and he brought her to every person in North America he thought had a healing ministry – an inside track to God – and she was never healed.

Do not expect the world or other Christians to make this request of you in an honest fashion. But know that the Lord has extended this invitation to us and our prayers do make a difference and are powerful and we are reminded of God to watch what we bless and who we curse because it will happen as we speak it.    

It is said of Samuel, “The Lord did not let any of his words fall to the ground.” You see, it is the same attribute of God, God is truth and in Him is no lie. We are not to be liars or false speakers. Is it not a wonder then that it mentions ‘no murders, no adultery, and no liars shall enter into the gates of heaven’. He is truth and imparts truth to us and we are to speak truth to the nations. a prayer for us, ‘let not our words, O Lord, fall to the ground.”

Now what do we bless? and what do we curse?  This is why Jesus spent all that time praying – some people were healed others were not, some had demons cast out of them, others did not, some Jesus touched, others He did not.  He cursed the fig tree and He cursed the works of Satan and the evil ones.  Children He blessed many times over and He blessed anyone that had childlike faith as they followed Him.

I think it is great that your world around you sees that you and God have this great relationship.  Be careful with your prayers, to pray rightly, to bless what the Lord blesses and curse what the Lord curses.  Do not set yourself up for hire or to be used by those around you.  Even placing expectations that you have some sort of power that they bring issues to you is not fair and to avoid the temptation that comes to people who recognize the power of God in you and you start believing that you are powerful, famous etc and might start even fall for the second sin after power and that is the temptation for money and wealth.

May the Lord use you mightily – may those you bless be blessed, may those you curse by cursed – for the glory and honour and praise of our Lord and His desire to use you – so make sure you go into your prayer closet when you pray and keep these things to ponder in your own heart so others have no idea how their blessings or cursing came about.


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6 responses to this post.

  1. For me, prayer is an extremely personal experience.
    It’s almost like talking to myself without feeling a bit nutty for doing so.

    Can we change God’s Mind? Can we ask Him to rethink a prophesy or two?
    I mean…really. I still have hope for an unfixed future. Otherwise, free-will
    is but a joke we pull on ourselves to give us a feel of control over our lives.

    That’s just me, UT. Nice to meet you! And may the Lord bless you…often.


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  3. […] Whoever you bless is blessed, and whoever you curse is cursed? (evanlaar1922.wordpress.com) […]


  4. […] Whoever you bless is blessed, and whoever you curse is cursed? (evanlaar1922.wordpress.com) […]


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