God has spoken to us by His Son

Barnes spends quite some time on this and I love it because it signifies the essence of Jesus’ deity – that He was in fact both man and God.

God found another way to communicate His will to us and that was through His Son.

We still do not get the big picture right away, but there are bits and pieces that we put together as we engage our world the way we perceive Christ would have us to each and every day.

There are some really important qualities of God that we can now start to understand more clearly because of Christ:

The character of God – Christ came to make Him known as a merciful being, and to show how He could be merciful as well as just. The views given of God by the Lord Jesus are far more clear than any given by the ancient prophets; compared with those entertained by the ancient philosophers, they are like the sun compared with the darkest midnight.

The way in which we may be reconcile to God. The New Testament – which may be considered as what God “has spoken to us by His Son” – has told us how the great work of being reconciled to God can be effected. The Lord Jesus told us that He came to “give His life a ransom for many;” that He laid down His life for His friends; that He was about to die for us; that He would draw all people to Him. The prophets indeed – particularly Isaiah – threw much light on these points. But the mass of the people did not understand their revelations. They pertained to future events always difficult to be understood. But Christ has told us the way of salvation, and He has made it so plain that we who run may read.

The moral precepts of Christ are elevated, pure, expansive, benevolent – such as became the Son of God to proclaim. Indeed this is admitted on all hands. We are constrained to acknowledge that all the moral precepts of the Saviour are eminently pure.  If they were obeyed, the world would be filled with justice, truth, purity, and benevolence. Error, fraud, hypocrisy, ambition, wars, perverse sexuality, and drunkenness would cease; and the opposite virtues would diffuse happiness over the face of the world. Prophets had indeed delivered many moral precepts of great importance, but the purest and most extensive body of just principles of good morals on earth are to be found in the teachings of the Saviour.

He has given to us the clearest view of our future state; and He has disclosed in regard to that future state a class of truths of the deepest interest to us, which were before wholly unknown or only partially revealed.

  • He has revealed the certainty of a state of future existence. This was denied before He came by multitudes, and where it was not, the arguments by which it was supported were often of the feeblest kind. The “truth” was held by some – like Plato and his followers – but the “arguments” on which they relied were feeble, and such as were untitled to give rest to the soul. The “truth” they had obtained by tradition; the “arguments” were their own.
  • He revealed the doctrine of the resurrection of the body. This before was doubted or denied by nearly all the world. It was held to be absurd and impossible. The Saviour taught its certainty; He raised up more than one to show that it was possible; He was Himself raised, to put the whole matter beyond debate.
  • He revealed the certainty of future judgment – the judgment of all of us.
  • The Greeks spoke of Elysian fields, but they were dreams of the imagination; the Hebrews had some faint notion of a future state where all was dark and gloomy, with perhaps an occasional glimpse of the truth that there is a holy and blessed heaven; but to the mass of mind all was obscure. Christ revealed a heaven, and told us of a hell. He showed us that the one might be gained and the other avoided. He presented important motives for doing it; and had He done nothing more, His communications were worthy the profound attention of each of us:

Jesus spoke as a “witness” of what He saw and knew. He spoke without doubt or ambiguity of God, and heaven, and hell. His is the language of one who is familiar with all that He describes; who saw all, who knew all. There is no hesitancy or doubt in His mind of the truth of what He speaks; and He speaks as if His whole soul were impressed with its unspeakable importance. Never were so momentous communications made to people of hell as fell from the lips of the Lord Jesus; never were announcements made so suited to awe and appall a sinful world.

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