The presence of the Lord

God has come to dwell with people because of Jesus and we have become the servants of the living God because of what Christ has done for us…

We know He is powerful because of the resurrection, and He has displayed it so personally, especially to those who saw the waters roll back at the sea and at the Jordan river.

The truth in those cases was implied – the fact that God was there and the inference from that, or the truth which followed from that, was, that before that God in whose presence from whom the waters of the sea fled in alarm – the whole earth should tremble.

The majestic, powerful, and gracious presence of God; such as He sometimes causes to attend His ministers, His Word, His Church, His martyrs and confessors; and so as to strike an awe upon, and terror into, their greatest enemies, as well as to convert His own people.

When Christ comes for the salvation of His people , He redeems them from the power of sin and Satan, separates them from an ungodly world, forms them to be His people.  and becomes their King.  That same power is available to us – whether we are planting a church, involved is spiritual battles, preaching the gospel, facing temptations and more temptations than we could possible dream of, facing our own prejudices and praying they are removed, and the watching the whole person becoming new only happens when we have the presence of God’s Spirit within us.

In the presence of the Lord we are protected, provided for, have our sins washed away, supplied with a lifetime of life-giving water and comforted with the Holy Spirit,  and promised a boatload of blessings and unconditional love – but when we stand before Him, this Holy and incredibly powerful Judge, let us prepare our hearts to meet our God so that we may have full confidence before Him.


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  2. Posted by Ladylizbizz on January 21, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    I like the last paragraph where you state that in the presence of the Lord we are protected and provided for. I dont think most christians are aware of how powerful that reality is and what more we can achiev through faith in just that phrase. May the almighty God open our eyes that we may see how much the Lord loves us and wishes us to know the nuggets of faith that can take us through life in victory and love.
    thank you


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