Seek Me; and live

Wonderful conciseness of the Word of God, which, in two phrases, comprises the whole of my duty and my hopes, my time and my eternity.

Actually these really represent my duty and my reward and I believe that these are not said as a cause and effect statement, but rather as one.  Where the one is, there is the other. To seek God is to live. For to seek God is to find Him, and God is Life and the Source of life. Forgiveness, grace, life, enter the soul at once.

The seeking is diligent seeking, but I am not sure that is what is meant – even though we find that expression in many, many other references.  I think instead that we actually choose to look somewhere else for our salvation.  Simple things like food, money, power, prestige, stuff, maybe even other religions, cults or occult practices.

But it is God that should be sought, longed for, and prayed for.

The object of the search is God Himself.  We can’t miss this – seek God for Himself, not for anything out of Him, not for His gifts, not for anything to be loved with Him.  All is found in Him, and by seeking Him first, and then loving Him in all, and all in Him we shall live, not only now, but in the hereafter.

The seeking looks like fear and reverence, serve and worship; returning to Him by repentance; seeking Him by prayer and supplication; acknowledge my sins, and humbling ourselves before Him, and imploring His pardoning grace and mercy.

Living looks like occupying your own land and not being carried out of it, living comfortably in plenty of good things; and living spiritually, enjoying the favour of God, and His presence, and knowing we will live eternally with Him.

What else am I to tell you?  This must be heard and heeded, for whether we do or don’t, the Word of God shall take effect.  The Lord still proclaims mercy to us, but we often expect deliverance from such self-invented forms as make their condemnation sure. While we may  refuse to come to Christ and to seek mercy in and by Him, that we may live, we reap the consequences.  Make an idol of the world…but you will find it cannot protect.

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