To search out a matter

Part of the joy of meeting with God each morning, is not only in getting pointed in the right direction for the day, which is still my primary reason, however, there are moments when I know I need to take what I have learnt and press the matter further.

There are a number of thesis or discourses that explain in-depth certain truths and then there are snippets throughout that add flavour, colour and texture in order to almost get a two-dimensional look.  It is further presses that gives you the three-dimensional look.

That further pressing is getting into that place with God where secrets are not revealed even after receiving what we think is full revelation.

In His Word He has given us parables, allegories, metaphors, similitudes etc., I think for the joy of watching us search them out and seeing the absolute wonder and amazement when He opens the door of understanding for us.  Don’t we then prize that learning?

If you want to be a leader, need to learn to search out matters that are found in the secret places of God.

I am not so sure that prophecies are as relevant in this area other than understanding their statement for we cannot fully know their meaning till their accomplishment; and then the glory of God’s wisdom and providence will be more particularly evident, when we see the event correspond so particularly and exactly with the prediction.

I also know that there are matters in the Book of God that will not be fully opened till mortality is swallowed up of life. For here we see through a glass darkly; but there, face to face: here we know in part; but there we shall know as we also are known.

Adam Clarke (1760 or 1762–1832) was a British Methodist theologian and he shared an extract of a letter sent to him by His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex.

“As far as I have presumed to dive into and occupy myself with the sacred volumes, I feel satisfied of their Divine origin and truth. And I am satisfied, likewise, that they contain more matter than any one, and myself in particular, can ever aspire fully to understand. This belief, however, ought in nowise to slacken our diligence, or damp our ardor, in attempting a constant pursuit after the attainment of knowledge and truth; as we may flatter ourselves, although unable to reach the gate, we are still approaching nearer to its portals, which of itself is a great blessing.”



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