A really good friend of mine posted something on Facebook recently citing that she was lucky to have found such a great husband – those comments coming on the celebration of their 4th wedding anniversary.

I was being cute and commented on the word – lucky – knowing that she was a follower of Christ.  She commented that using any other word like – blessed – would have sounded corny.

So the only place to worship God is in the church?

It sure is easier – saying hallelujah in public means nothing except to the Christians listening to you.  They know that it means Praise the LORD!

Really it means I will praise the Lord with my whole heart – with undivided affections; holding back nothing. I will allow nothing to be in my heart that would interfere with the fullness of praise; no coldness or dividedness of affection; no love for other things that would deaden my love for God; no suspicion respecting Him that would chill my ardor; no unbelief that would drag me down to earth, while the language of my lips ascended to God.

All this to be seen in my private devotions and in the context of church – but definitely not to be seen by the general public…right?

Oh I forgot – actually, praise the Lord might mean to sing to the praise and glory of God.  Oh boy, definitely a private matter or with a body of believers already engaged in singing.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

The object of our praise is Jehovah, the self-existent Being, the Being of beings, the author of His Being, and in whom all people live and move, and have their being; the God of our mercies, temporal and spiritual, and therefore we should praise Him, even Jehovah, Father, Son, and Spirit;  which is not to be expected in any duty, but of sincerity and cordial affection.

Cordial affection – or is there more…?

I say we do it now, do it always: do it heartily, do it unanimously, do it eternally. Even if others refuse, we will take care that we have always a song for our God. We will put away all doubt, question, murmuring, and rebellion, and give ourselves up to the praising of Jehovah, both with our lips and in our lives. “I will praise the Lord with my whole heart.” I will start this song for my heart is all on flame: whether others will follow me or not, I will at once begin and long continue.

What we preach we should practise. The best way to enforce an exhortation is to set an example; but we must let that example be of the best kind, or we may lead others to do the work in a limping manner. I will endeavour to bring nothing less than my whole heart to the duty; all my love will go out towards God, and all my zeal, my skill, and my ardour.

Jehovah the one and undivided God cannot be acceptably praised with a divided heart, neither should we attempt so to dishonour Him; for our whole heart is little enough for His glory, and there can be no reason why it should not all be lifted up in His praise. All His works are praiseworthy, and therefore all our nature should adore Him.

Whether with few or with many we should pour out our whole heart and soul in praise, and whether the company was made up of select spirits or of the general mass of the people we would continue in the same exercise. For the choicest society there can be no better engagement than praise, and for the general assembly nothing can be more fitting. For the church and for the congregation, for the family or the community, for the private chamber of pious friendship, or the great hall of popular meeting, the praise of the Lord is suitable; and at the very least the true heart should sing hallelujah in any and every place.

Why should we fear the presence of people? The best of people will join us in our song, and if the common sort, will not do so, our example will be a needed rebuke to them. In any case let us praise God, whether the hearers be a little band of saints or a mixed multitude.

Come, take your worship that started this morning in your privacy, strengthened by the reading of God’s Word, pen this comment is in your heart magnifying the Lord: will you not pause for a moment and join in the delightful exercise?

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  1. Posted by Don on November 20, 2013 at 7:52 am

    Praise the Lord!!


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