A leader must be….

The problem with answering the rest of that statement is that by putting in a few character traits and qualifications, if you find one or two that describe you, you think yourself a leader.

The more I study leadership and I go to God to find out if I have arrived yet, I am encouraged because I have grown in knowing more about leadership and disappointed that I am still just a babe in the practice of it.

Some of those qualifications take a lifetime before you actually say you have arrived.   I am thinking specifically for those of us who are married.  I have to take care of the affairs of my home and how I take care of my home, indicates how I will take care of those that follow me.  So I need to be walking the talk.

Basic character trait required to even start on this road – I need to be a follower of Christ and able to deliver the letter and practice of the gospel – shown through examples of my works.

Going back to my earlier statement about leading those in my home.  Imagine if my wife or children were not followers of Jesus?  Would that reflect on my personal lifestyle at home not living up to par, or enough legalism to push my family away from me?  I am sure I can come up with quite a few more reasons – do they all make me a less effective leader?  I think so.

I believe we should all desire to do leadership things.  In asking God to lead us and in us making the decision to follow Him, we learn quickly how to lead as He leads.  It is my prayer that you do not be passive about the things of God, that you try, fail and try again always to be the person God is calling you to be.  I pray that the grace, love and mercy of God will fill you always as you discover the road of being out in front is just another opportunity to bring glory to God as you submit to Him.

Leader Development Strategy for a 21st Century Army from TRADOC on Vimeo.

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