Are you a shepherd?

Today the question is more like, “Are you a shepherd or a CEO?”  The answer today is more CEO, at least in practice and principle.

The word shepherd is definitely old school and lots of different imagery and defining character qualities that one might not want to be considered in such a group.

So I spend my time with God in the Word today, what did He want me to do?  I know without a shadow of a doubt that He has called me to shepherd.  By that I know that I will lead out of my own nothingness and with the grace of the Holy Spirit as my Teacher and Instructor, will refer all to the glory of God.  I am one of the “weak things” of the world, whom God has chosen to confound those that think they are wise.  My words will not be my own, they will be the words God has given me this morning to share.

What do you think those words are?

You know as well as I, that this world needs Jesus.  Jesus gives me both the knowledge and the message to make known to everyone that the “kingdom of God is at hand” and to repent.  For the Christian who says they are following Christ but are not, to the Jews and Muslims who also serve one God but have not been introduced to the salvation of God, to those who are following gods whom deserve not be followed for they are not gods, but conjured up images, and to those who think there is no God.

But also, the words of ones of comfort and hope to those who are followers of Christ and together we pray that the Lord would raise up harvesters to bring in the harvest of those who do not know Him – that they may receive the same deliverance and salvation as we have.

We pray that the gospel will spread speedily into the remotest corners of the earth.  For we believe that there is a day coming when everything that is amiss, shall be amended.  Christ is the fountain of living water – He cleanses, refreshes, gives grace and mercy – and He is desperately needed to be preached to everyone so that everyone may taste and never thirst again.  Then to know that Jesus has a home, a heavenly home being prepared for them that love Him and to know and to live in that hope that we will live with Him eternally.

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  1. How amazing… I love when you said “I am one of the “weak things” of the world, whom God has chosen to confound those that think they are wise.” So simple, so true. God bless.


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