love to the end

Every day, as I grow older and hopefully wiser, I am convinced that love is a decision.

Today I am thinking about Jesus‘ death and I know that was a decision He made – no one wants to die – yet He loved us so much, He did.

What makes that so remarkable about Jesus is that I can trust that love in the same manner as yesterday, today and I know forever.  He does not change; His love is the nature of His character; nor does He withdrew His love. If I wander from Him, that is my issue, but His character is one of a friend that never leaves or forsakes us; a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Principle: No matter how bad things are going for us, we have no excuse for not loving and serving others and in the case of our spouses – until death do we part.

Sometimes we feel we can’t take on anybody else’s trouble because we are overwhelmed with our own trouble.

Don’t we often think that somehow others ought to help us because our life is so bad at the moment. After all we deserve it… Maybe we are broke. Maybe we are sick. You pick the problem, but what happens is we get our eyes on ourselves and on our problems and we don’t even see the needs of others, nor are we in the right frame of mind to help others even if their needs were made known to us.

The problem is we have a natural tendency to be selfish and we need to be selfless.

As much as I appreciate the rendering of certain artists who have drawn Jesus laughing and the authors of humour who concur that this is a good thing, if you read the whole NT you will not find any reference to Christ laughing or smiling. But you do see Him crying and sorrowful.

I’m not trying to be a killjoy, but what this tells me is living in a fallen world is not very pleasant. We see the pain and rejection that Jesus, Paul and others faced, but we also see how they operated in spite of it. So we need to know what to expect in this life and not be surprised by it and most of all, live above it.

I’m sure Christ knew He was about to suffer a horrible death, but we see that His focus is not on the bad aspect of departing the world — the pain and suffering. It is on the good part. He is going to be with the Father again.

It helped Him face death and not be overwhelmed by it.

Excuse me, its time for me to love someone…

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