If a good name is better…

….better than all the gold and silver and precious ointment in the world, then we have got some trouble on our hands.

You know how fast a good name can go up in flames?


If so, then just imagine how fleeting it is to desire all the wealth this world has to offer.

So if we have to choose which to have, I guess we best choose a good name because character will support a person in many circumstances; and there are many rich people that have no name: but the word of a person of character will go farther than all their riches.

Add to a good name, favour with God and people, especially with God, whose loving kindness is better than life, and all the enjoyments of it. The grace of God through Christ, the grace of Christ, in whom all fulness of it dwells, the grace of the Spirit of Christ; faith is more precious than gold that disappears; for the Spirit and His grace are not to be purchased for money.


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