If you don’t enter through the front door, you must be a thief!

How easy is it for us to “act” like we are Christians, even followers of Jesus Christ.  We know so much, we know what to say, when to say it, how to behave, know so much about God, His Word, His Church

…but we have actually, never walked through the front door – the only door – and asked Jesus to be the one who saves us from our separation from God and to restore our relationship with Him fully so that we can walk with Him always, no longer have to act, but getting to know Him each and every day.

Back in the day these people were called Pharisees – professing to be the guides or shepherds – they were blind and unqualified to lead the people.  For others, they take on the “job” because it is a job and they make their living as such.

The home that Jesus has prepared for us is a wonderful place.  He is the front door – the only door into that home.  That door has been described in many different ways – the gate, the way, the truth, the life – but one thing for certain, it is the only way to follow Jesus and to be a follower of Jesus means that believe He is God and you want to do as He asks you to do.

If that is not where you are at, you can’t even consider teaching others because once you make that decision, you only in it for the money, or the power, or whatever ulterior motive you may have.

That makes you a thief – silently and secretly taking away the property of another – and hopefully for you, it is not someone’s soul.

For when that happens you graduate from thief to robber – for as you are not influenced by love for God, but seek the office from ambition, or the love of power, or wealth, or ease; and come, not to promote the welfare of the church, but to promote your own interests – you may go as far as to do so with violence and force.

Why do we follow thieves and robbers?

Do a rather simple test – Jesus is light of the world, which should blind some while it illuminated others – are those you are following blind or do they see the way clearly?

If you really want to see the discourse or thesis of this topic fully expressed you need to check out Ezekiel 34:1-31


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